Software Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

  • Whether a company develops applications in-house or through an outsourcing partner, low quality results equate to costly project overruns. That is particularly true in the case of undetected errors, which prolong the development cycle and cause costly delays in the release of key business-enabling applications. Many companies are also challenged with implementing sufficient automated testing practices, which results in lengthy manual test cycles and applications with insufficient production load capacity.

Comprehensive QA Services

Vértere Global Solutions addresses these challenges with comprehensive Quality Assurance services, regardless of whether development was done in-house, by a 3rd party or through our application development services. Our testing knowledge and experience spans all disciplines including:

  • Manual Testing – Following test plans and scripts to check software or defects
  • Automated Testing – Configuring and utilizing tools to perform testing steps
  • Performance Testing – Simulating production loads to ensure readiness
  • Security and Privacy Testing – Penetration testing and security auditing
  • Test Planning and Scripting – Design and creation of test plans, cases, and scripts
  • Defect Management – Logging and tracking of defects for remediation and re-testing

Our Quality Assurance team is also well-versed in the use of:

  • HP Quality Center™ for storing details about requirements to be tested, test plans, test cases, results of test runs, and issues arising from testing for a variety of projects. Sample projects include sales opportunity tracking, construction wrap-up insurance tracking, client-customer collaboration web portal, and reinsurance full-cycle business processing.
  • Quick Test Professional™ and Rational Robot™ for automated testing services, examples of which include testing travel insurance websites with QTP™ in new development and ongoing support environments. Business requirements are created onshore and are the basis for test plans, cases, and scripts created offshore.

Our team of skilled testing experts is ready to assist with any and all QA requirements!

Delivering Value

At Vértere Global Solutions, our deep experience with a wide variety of testing tools and techniques allows us to provide innovative solutions tailored to specific needs. We also align our proven methodologies with the client’s needs, driving significant value, including:

  • Substantial cost reductions over traditional onshore and/or offshore engagements
  • Access to the appropriate skill sets and experience levels to meet immediate needs
  • The ability to redirect internal resources back onto core business needs
  • Flexibility to rapidly respond to shifting skill and resource needs
  • Improved performance in business operation audits