Legacy System Support

Legacy System Support

Legacy applications can present unique challenges to businesses, including lack of accurate or insufficient documentation, deficiency of required support skills, and limited understanding or expertise about their functionality. Without proper support, companies run the risk of having a mission-critical application fail, and maintaining support can be costly.

Comprehensive Legacy Support

Vértere Global Solutions addresses these challenges with services in all areas of Legacy System Support, with a particular specialization in Mainframe and DEC VMS™. Our established core competences, which reside within our Center of Excellence for Legacy System Support, are focused on these areas and their related databases, programming languages, diagnostic tools and utilities. Examples include:

  • Databases
  • Mainframe – DB2™, IDMS™, IMS, VSAM™, ADABAS™
  • DEC VMS™ – Oracle™, Ingres™
  • Programming Languages
  • Mainframe – JCL™, Cobol™, PL1™, CICS™, ADSO™, Easytrieve™, MQ Series Messaging™
  • DEC VMS™ – Cobol™, PL1™, SQR/SQC Script™, DCL Script™, SQL Script, Bespoke™
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Mainframe – Intertest™, Expediter™, $AVRS™, Beta92™
  • DEC VMS™ – DBAnalyzer™, DEC VMS Monitor CPU Usage™, DEC VMS Monitor Active Process™, DEC VMS Check Batch /Print Queues™, DEC VMS Accounting Utility™
  • Utilities
  • Mainframe – DB2 QMF™, ISPF™, IDMS Culprit™, Selcopy™, FileAid™, Zeke –Job Scheduler™
  • DEC VMS™ – SQLPlus™, Isql™, Iquel™, Qbf

We are well positioned to rapidly supply services or augment client capabilities with experienced, cost effective solutions and a combination of resources including our onshore Vértere Global Solutions team, which can be deployed to any client or project location, and our offshore Philippine delivery centers.

Delivering Value

At Vértere Global Solutions, we offer diverse experience and innovative solutions to meet Legacy application support needs. This, combined with our focus on aligning our proven methodologies with the client’s needs, drives significant value, including:

  • Significant reductions in support tickets – up to 34% — and team size
  • Substantial cost reductions over traditional onshore and/or offshore engagements
  • Access to the appropriate skill sets and experience to meet immediate needs
  • The ability to redirect internal resources back onto core business needs
  • Flexibility to rapidly respond to shifting skill and resource needs
  • Improved performance in business operation audits