Application Outsourcing and Maintenance

Overview & Skill Sets

Vértere Global Solutions, Inc. has been providing full life cycle services for technology projects since 1996. Formerly known as Kforce Global Solutions, we specialize in:

  • Application & Web Development, Maintenance, and Management
  • Legacy System Support and Migration
  • Infrastructure Upgrades and Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Database Management and Migration
  • Business Process Management and Development
Services typically focus on the following technologies:

  • Java™ (Java, Hibernate™, Spring™, Struts™)
  • Microsoft® Technologies (.NET, SharePoint™, SQL,
  • PEGA™
  • Legacy Technologies (MF/DEC VMS™ – DBs, Languages, Utilities, Diagnostic)
  • Software Infrastructure (Operating Systems, Email/messaging, Oracle™, Sybase™, SQL Server)
  • Web (WEB 2.0, Flex™)
  • QA Tools (HP Quality Center™, Rational Robot™, QTP™)

Our delivery model is built around leveraging iterative methodologies and well-defined waterfall development lifecycles (SDLCs), depending on specific engagement requirements and existing client processes. Delivery locations typically include a combination of resources deployed:

  • Offshore in our Philippine offices
  • Offshore in Client office or project site
  • Onshore in Client office or project site

Our Philippine facilities run 24/7, allowing us to operate on a 24-hour cycle that is synchronized with the client’s standard work day, regardless of geographic location. This is particularly helpful for QA test and retest cycles. We also leverage a blanket L1 visa program allowing temporary relocation (up to three years) of Manila experts to onshore project efforts.


Vértere Global Solutions provides multiple contracting options which can be tailored to meet specific client needs, including:

  • Deliverables Based (Project/Defined Statement of Work)
  • Capacity Based (defined headcount or range of headcount, with defined skills/experience)
  • Time and Materials
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Based
  • Fixed Price contract
  • Hybrids

We also stand ready to assist with offshore staff augmentation services at considerable savings relative to the same resource onshore.