Business Process Management


Understanding business needs and delivering services to address them is at the heart of every IT department. Yet many internal departments struggle to establish and maintain the critical connection between business requirements and associated services, resulting in a gap between business process and application services that means unrealized benefits and higher costs.

Linking Business Needs & IT Services

Vértere Global Solutions addresses this challenge with our Business Analysis services, which cross the full Software Development Lifecycle to develop and maintain the critical link between business needs and IT services.

Our established core competencies, which reside within our Center of Excellence for Business Process Management, are focused on the following areas:

  • Process Modeling – Analyzing, modeling, and documenting business processes from existing IT systems or business stakeholders
  • Process Simulation and Analysis – Utilizing the captured business model to simulate processes, identify issues and gaps, and determine strategies for improvement
  • Process Execution and Performance – Bringing your business process to life through IT expertise and monitoring strategies for constant improvement

Our experienced team of Business Analysis experts is also well-versed in utilizing Pegasystems™ Solutions to implement business processes through a rules-based approach. They are ready and able to support client business goals!

Finally, to ensure that we can fully meet our clients’ unique needs, we offer a combination of resources that include our onshore Vértere Global Solutions team, which can be deployed to any client or project location, and our offshore Philippine delivery centers.

Delivering Value

At Vértere Global Solutions, we align our proven methodologies with the client’s needs to drive significant value, including:

  • Substantial cost reductions over traditional onshore and/or offshore engagements
  • Access to the appropriate skill sets and experience levels to meet immediate needs
  • The ability to redirect internal resources back onto core business needs
  • Flexibility to rapidly respond to shifting skill and resource needs
  • Improved performance in business operation audits